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Release Time:2023-04-18


On April 12, Demax Peelable Introducer Virtual Lecture-Asia and Europe Station was successfully held. During the meeting, we not only discussed with partners the clinical application of Peelable Introducer in different surgeries and the study of product parameters, but also through the detailed introduction and explanation of the product, so that everyone had a deeper understanding of the product characteristics of Demax Peelable Introducer such as easy tearing, easy passage and so on, so as to more effectively help the clinic and serve patients.



Demax has always attached importance to communication and collaboration with distributors.we hope that through diversified exchanges,we can let everyone understand the products in multiple dimensions to serve the clinic more effectively and benefit patients.We will have more training and exchange activities in the future, and we are looking forward to more partners' attention.see you next time.

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